Welcome to the totally crazy zoo game Zoomumba! My name is Zoey and I'll be your guide through this game.

You can buy animal habitats in the shop and then place them on your zoo to have them built.

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Zoomumba is the zaniest zoo simulation of all online games!

Build your own zoo in Zoomumba: Buy and breed animals, build habitats, pick paths, stands and decorations ... there's never a dull moment in this online game!

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Add animal habitats to your Zoomumba park and pick out animals to live in them. Pet, feed and care for your cuddly friends and keep them happy. Connect your zoo cages so visitors can stroll around the park and see the attractions.

The nicer your Zoomumba park looks and the more attractions it has, the more visitors will come, In this online game, zoo visitors give you money so that you can keep expanding your zoo. Zoomumba is the perfect game for animal lovers who like to play online games!